Funny how Encouraging “Friends” can be….

Butterfly Fields.png

I’ve had a bit of emotional week with RL and dealing with “Friends” in SL.  I always try to be mindful to encourage my friends.  When they feel discouraged, I try to life them up.  If they feel down about themselves, I try to remind them just how good they are and how gifted they are.  For some reason this week, it stood out how little I get that in return.  If anything, I’ve been more encouraged to abandon ship and give up on things that are important to me.  It’s disappointing and quite a wake up call.  Has it always been this way?  Were my “Friends” always like this? If so, why didn’t I see it?  I’m making a point to be more mindful of the company I keep.  If someone can’t have my back and support me then they really don’t have any right to be called a “friend”





Hair: Exile

Skin: Pink Fuel

Eyes: IKON

Lashes: Butterfly Fields (coming soon from Vengeful Threads)

Head: Catwa





Another age coming……..




Sansar………Bento………..A lot of new things are coming!  We’re hitting the dawn of another age and it can be mix of awe and intimidation for a creator.  It feels like I’ve been playing mad catch up and SL is advancing YET AGAIN!  I know I’m  not the only one experiencing it.  I have mixed emotions but I do look forward to whats to come. We have a lot of gifted Artsits on the grid.  There really is no limit on what they can do.

I’ve been busy creating in SL and preparing for the next coming holiday….Valentines day.   I always hate that holiday, so there will be some Anti-Valentines items as well as the “norm” for other people that are also Valentine haters. I always wonder if the people that hate the holiday far exceed the amount that love it.  I hate it because I’m always alone during it and even if not alone, always forgotten.  Just hate the holiday entirely for the most part.

I’m going to make this one short and sweet, because work calls!  Heres to the new year and all that’s coming our way!


Trying to move past the holidays


Back when I had my own Sim…..I affectionately called it my “Isle of Misfits” because it was that.  Yes it was a store but it was a lot more.  It was  place where everyone was welcome and often the “Misfits” with the most burden felt at home.  There was always the same people who came time and time again. It wasn’t always because they came to shop.  It was because it was a place where people felt included and that they had a sense of belonging.  People often came in the mornings before going to work in RL.  They’d be at home sipping coffee and logged in world chatting to the Models.  And at times, when I was out of my hermit box not creating,they’d be chatting with me.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to give a home to people just starting or was down and out needing a place to be when they were emotionally fragile and just needed a friend.  I always tried to keep in mind how sometimes people just need another person to hold onto or listen when they are struggling.  I knew all too well, because I was also one of those “Misfits”.

This Misfits personal struggle has been trying to move past the holidays.  Like many other people, dealing with the holidays can be hard.  It is often the time you feel the most alone and if you have trauma or loved ones that committed suicide during that season, it can be even harder.   Not everyone is understanding or very kind during that time.  Not many people want to hear about anything negative to spoil their festivities and personal joy during the holiday season. You’re often left alone with your own pain and suffering.  One can’t really blame people for wanting to not deal with it.  As a person that suffers from it, I don’t want to deal with it myself.  Unfortunately, it’s the cards I was dealt and I have to.

The holiday season seems to amplify and make everything feel so much stronger and overwhelming.  When you are in a dark space, everything seems extremely dark.  You doubt people, you doubt your own mind. …..every fear…every anxiety…Amplifies. Everything seems to just go to extremes.  Some people of understanding of it.  Some people are not. My only suggestion, to anyone who may have friends & family that deal with a lot of trouble during the holidays (or any time for that matter) is….treat them with kindness and try to have an open mind.  People going through a personal struggle may not always be the most lovable people…..but they are the people that need love and compassion the most.

Happy Holidays from The Vengeful Bitch


Christmas Time is creeping up.  I’m never really ready nor is it always a happy time.  My RL has a lot of tragedy around it so it takes a bit of an extra effort to get into the holiday spirit.  It’s important to remember what the holiday is about, regardless of the Tragedy.

I’ve seen a lot of drama going around in secondlife as of late, mostly playing out on flickr and spilling over into other social media.  Firstly, I don’t understand why someone would actively go out to cause so much drama and bring attention to themselves, especially when they actively took a negative part in it.  I understand feeling the injustice and the overwhelm, but I don’t understand feeling victimized if your own negative behavior was part of your own victimization.  Own your part and move on.  Sure, you can keep angry at those who hurt you….feel perfectly justified in it….but don’t perpetuate the  negativity and add to asshatery by being a total asshat yourself. My view on some of the drama is this

  1. Never claim someone’s work as your own or allude that someone’s work is yours by NOT giving them credit.  Honor the person who helped make you and your business who you are and give them the credit.  I’ve struggled making my own shit on my own…If I had help I’d be very appreciative and fully give credit to the person who helped make me who I am.  Just recently I’ve had someone help give me insight and pointers and its made a WORLD of difference in what I produce.  If anything, I’d want to shout to the world at how wonderful this person was to help me.  But then again…that’s just  me and I suppose you would have to be a person who actually appreciates a person for the individual they are over personal profit.  That being said….Thank you Reishi, your help and encouragement means the world to me.
  2. Dear Bloggers…….accept that not all designers will like your work or want you to blog their items. Often times Designers have a vision of how they want their work to be showcased and its nothing personal. It doesn’t at all reflect on the quality of your work. Also, don’t take out a personal vendetta against them if you are rejected.  You can feel hurt and upset, but going all out war over a rejection is a bit petty. If you want to be part of what they do, study their style and what they make.  Try to do your own spin on it, keeping in mind your own style as well as theirs.

As for what vengeful is doing…….I’m throwing myself a bit all over the place creatively.  Recently, on a whim, I started designing some Catwa lashes combined with my own hand drawn artwork.  What started as a impulsive creation actually has a following and people wanting it. who knew?!  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m always looking for ways to add to my own photos and personalize how my avatar looks.  I just never really considered making the stuff on my own before.  If anyone reading this likes the make up and lashes, you’re in for more in the future 🙂

I’m going to wrap this up, time to get my ass to work and mix it up with a little of RL chores.

To anyone reading this……….I hope you have a very Happy Holidays and please remember to reach out to loved ones during this Holiday season.  The holidays are a peak time for suicide. A person you love and care about may need to be reminded of their worth and the love you have for them. Merry Christmas.

(one of my favorite Christmas songs as a kid…..yeah dont kill me or die of shock…..its country)


Apparently, learning Mesh has made me even more a Glutton!

Twelve……….yes TWELVE events I’m making things for this month.  Hey, its October!  What can I say? It’s my absolutely favorite time of year and THIS IS MY SHIT! HAHA!  Its funny how Mesh has made it so anything I have in my head for an Idea I can make…Anything I want to have….learn to make or attempt to.  It’s wonderful!  It breathes new life into my creativity! Back to the Grind……..only half way through my List of Things to make!  Here’s a little Sneak peek for Penumbra along with a little music from Lord of the Lost!

Widow Maker Promo.png

Times when I almost give up……

I’m sure I’m not the only one….but there are times when I almost give up.  When designing & creating I sit and think there…you know…this is shit…I should just chuck it.  Then I tell myself I’ve put too much work into it to chuck it and just finish, if its shit its shit…but at least see it through.  Today, I’m quite happy with my piece of shit LOL!


I’ve made a promise to myself to at least see something through.  Too often I give up too quickly due to the voices of doubt that play in my head, voices put there by other people.  It’s the trying to tune the ghostly voices out and create despite the doubt that is the challenge.  I’m getting there.  It’s a hard road to travel.